The insides of things are beautiful.
Let's see what they look like.

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Records found:   (there are repaired items not included in this list)

Tips for using the photo database

The chart packs a lot of information into a small space, allowing for easy browsing and searching of potentially thousands of images and statistics. Here's some useful ways to use it:

  • Press the buttons above the chart to convert the weight values between kilograms and pounds.
  • Clicking on any column header will sort the data accordingly, in ascending or descending order as indicated by the sort arrow. The default sort order is new items at the top.
  • Clicking on a row will launch the image viewer window; each photo-set contains 5 images plus an interactive pie chart. Keyboard cursor-key shortcuts: Left = Previous image; Right = Next image; Up = Previous photo-set; Down = Next photo-set; Esc = Close.
  • Clicking on specific cells of the row, related to their column, starts the photo sequence at the specified statistic. For example, clicking on the "Plastic" column position of the row will result in the image viewer displaying the recycled plastics photo first.
  • The '+' icons in the leftmost column, appearing on some items, indicates there is additional information that can be viewed by clicking on the '+' to expand/collapse the row.
  • Entering a keyword in the 'Filter' field (at the bottom) removes all the items except for those that contain the keyword specified; it's not case-sensitive and is based on words in the 'Description'.
  • The 'Clear' button removes the filter request and resets the chart to its default status.