tin-ker [tiNG’kər]
noun:a person who enjoys fixing and
experimenting with machines and their parts.

verb:to busy oneself with a thing without useful results.

I enjoy taking things apart, discovering how things work, prodding and tinkering, and creating new contraptions out of the electronic devices people throw away.

I eagerly accept discarded electronic items—working or not—these are treasure boxes brim full of electronic components, gears, motors, springs, buttons, lights, sensors, wires, and all manner of curious electro-mechanical gizmos. Let's reuse this cool stuff rather than bury it in the landfill.

— For free recycling of discarded electronic items on Gabriola Island, visit the Contact page —

The Recycle page has info on processing items; Projects for useful and whimsical stuff made from reuseable parts; and the Gallery has loads of photos of the insides of things. Enjoy. Push buttons!

— statistical musings as of
• devices discarded & processed •
• repaired, reused & recycled •

IF IT IS BROKEN, IT IS FAIR GAME. Maybe I can fix it. Maybe I can use some of its parts for something else. Maybe I just want clearance to be more rough than usual when opening up the case.

MISCELLANEOUS PARTS ARE LIFE. I'm keeping that because I will need it someday. Last time I threw something out, I needed it the very next day.

PROJECTS ARE STACKABLE. It's not that I'm starting something new before finishing something old—I'm nesting the new project inside the old.

THE EFFORT ITSELF IS THE REWARD. Yes, I did spend three days on a device to save me ten minutes. You are missing the point of the process.

A FAILURE IS SIMPLY AN EXPERIMENT. Most efforts will fail. Rarely should the same failure repeat itself.

PROBLEMS ARE DESIGNED TO BE SOLVED. Spring into action. Make it happen.

IF IT HAS SCREWS, THEY SHALL BE TURNED. If it has bolts they shall be loosened. If it has rivets, they may get along for a while without being pried open, but that probably won't last.

THE INSIDES OF THINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL. Let's see what they look like.

(excerpts used with permission from A Codified Set of the Builder's, Crafter's, Maker's Rules.)